Welcome to the website of the South Holderness Internal Drainage Board

This new drainage board was formed on 1st April 2013 after the abolition of Preston, Keyingham, Ottringham, Skeffling, Winestead and Thorngumbald.

South Holderness Internal Drainage Board
Key Details of the District
Catchment Area draining to and including the District
Total Area of the District
Area of Agricultural Land
Area of Residential Property
Area of Industrial Property
Major Infrastructure
The Board has no motorways
Classified Roads
A1033 Hull/Withernsea Road
Sites of Environmental Interest
Humber Estuary SSSI, Dimlington Cliff SSSI, Kelsey Hill Gravel Pits SSSI, Roos Bogs SSSI, The Lagoons SSSI.
Nature Reserve
Spurn Point, Kilnsea, Hodgsons Field, Skeffling.
Assets for which the Board has Operating Authority responsibility:-
Pumping Statements
Preston New Clough, Ottringham Clough, Welwick Outfall
Other Water Level Control Structures
Bilton Non Return Valve
Main Watercourses
Part Old Fleet, Preston New Drain, Reedmere Sewer, Part Thorngumbald Drain, Part Burstwick Drain, Part Keyingham Drain, Main Drain Ottringham, Part Winestead Drain, Welwick Drain, Part Skeffling Drain, Part Easington Drain, Weeton Beck, Longbank Drain, Kilnsea Drain
Critical Watercourses
Raised Embankments
*Critical watercourses are those from which over spilling will put at risk of flooding a significant number of people and properties. Against clear criteria the above length has been agreed with the EA.